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Introducing Inclusion
Resource PAck


Our Introducing Inclusion resource pack is full of expert guidance and support to help you understand and identify all aspects of equity, diversity and inclusion.

These resources are designed to be used throughout your organisation, featuring a range of different content suitable for all staff to learn more. Resources include interactive elements such as posters and calendars, which can be displayed across your offices, and our briefing papers which are designed to provide you with a top level understanding on important topics.

Briefing papers

Equality Analysis/
Impact Assessment

Avoiding Tokenism in the Workplace

Understanding Intersectionality

Introduction to Flexible Working

Monitoring Equality Protected Characteristics

Equality Act 2010 –
Protected Characteristics

Understanding Privilege

Using EDI Data

Using Evidence-Based Evaluation for Effective EDI Initiatives


Equality Act 2010 – General Overview


Active Bystander Checklist

Conducting an EDI Audit Checklist

A-Z of EDI Glossary

Diversity Calendar 2024

Inclusive Language Terminology

Religious Festivals Calendar 2024

Exercises and Quizzes

Being in a Minority

Check Your Privilege

Equality Act 2010 Definitions


Understanding Privilege

Understanding Micro-Aggressions

Develop your knowledge

If you’d like to learn more about promoting an inclusive environment, consider purchasing our bestselling interactive course, Introducing Inclusion, which provides a comprehensive breakdown on all aspects on equality, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Topics include an overview of the Equality Act, an understanding of privilege, and an introduction to micro-aggressions and being an active bystander. The accompanying digital workbook will help you to further your understanding.

As you read through, you’ll find additional useful information as well as pages to note down your thoughts and key points. You can take the individual exercises to check and reinforce your understanding of each topic.