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Introducing Inclusion
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Our flagship resource pack, Introducing Inclusion, is full of expert guidance and support to help you understand and identify all aspects of inclusion. 

These resources are designed to be used throughout your organisation, featuring a range of different content suitable for all staff to learn more. Resources include interactive elements such as posters and calendars, which can be displayed across your offices, and our briefing papers which are designed to provide you with a top level understanding on important topics.

Strengthen your knowledge

If you’d like to learn more about diversity, consider purchasing our bestselling interactive course, Introducing Inclusion, which provided a comphrensive breakdown on all aspects on equality, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Topics include an overview of the Equality Act, an understanding of privilege, and an introduction to micro-aggressions and being an active bystander. The accompanying digital workbook will help further your understanding and Use this digital workbook to help you as you work your way through each section of the virtual course.

As you read through, you’ll find pages to note down your thoughts and useful information. Take part in the individual exercises to help strength your understanding on each topic.

Briefing papers

Understanding the Equality Act 2010

Inclusive and Accessible Communications

Language and Terminology

Conducting an EDI Audit

Educational videos


Religious Festivals Calendar

EDI Calendar


Understanding the 9 Protected Characteristics

Diversity within the UK

9 Protected Characteristics:

9 Protected Characteristics:

9 Protected Characteristics:
Gender Reassignment

9 Protected Characteristics:
Marriage and Civil Partnership

9 Protected Characteristics:
PRegnancy and Maternity

9 Protected Characteristics:

9 Protected Characteristics:
religion or belief

9 Protected Characteristics:

9 Protected Characteristics:
sexual orientation